MANITOU brings us news once again in its range of MT construction manipulators. As the brand advanced a few weeks ago, its objective is to optimize the performance of its equipment in all aspects, to achieve the reduction of costs of ownership.


Safety is an important issue for this brand, that is why it seeks to obtain maximum safety for the operator and his environment, with characteristics such as the following:

👉 Automatic handbrake.

👉 Joystick with driver presence detection.

👉 Intuitive and intelligent control panel.

👉 Easy access to the cabin.

👉 Tilt lock.

👉 Automatic locking of the rear axle.


MANITOU’s new project is to create machines with optimal performance, placing itself above its competitors with these improvements.

Some of the most important improvements are:

👉 ECO mode to reduce consumption.

👉 Simpler and faster maintenance.

👉 REVIV’OIL system. Taking into account that 70% of mechanical problems in hydraulic circuits are due to oil contamination, Manitou has launched this program that allows analyzing, draining and decontaminating where and when the customer wants with simplified access.

👉 Active and intelligent engine regeneration.

👉 Hydraulic ventilation control.


✅ One of its most important improvements, with the previous ones, is its great connectivity, since you can track the position of your machine in real time, such as its time and optimization at the time of carrying out the work.


Are you going to miss out on trying this ultra-compact machine? If you want to try it or have personalized information, do not hesitate to let us know: 👇

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📞 +34 954 520 633


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