A German manufacturer, specialist in compact machinery, and leader in the development of technology in this field. Its success lies in the self-demanding characteristics of its business model. Their quality standards are extremely high, which is what has lead them to have their own range of machinery, in which a large amount of the components are of their own design. This allows them to offer their customers a range of machinery of high quality, performance and reliability. Currently operating worldwide under the FAYAT group, its parent company, it has 13 subsidiaries worldwide and a wide network of official dealers.


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Logo Ausa - maquinaria obra segunda mano
Logo Manitou - maquinaria obra segunda mano
Logo Bomag - venta maquinaria
Logo Tateuchi - maquinaria agricola en venta
Logo Avant - maquinaria agricola en venta
Logo Hicromek - venta de maquinaria


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