The importance of doing good maintenance on your machinery

The quality of a machine in fundamental to it being a good work tool. But, what can you do to make it even better? Without a doubt, do maintenance on it. 

There are several benefits do doing proper maintenance on your work equipment: increase the working life of the equipment, decrease the use of spare parts and repairs, minimise the risk breakdown and increase the residual value of the machine thereof.

Effectively, proper maintenance increases the productivity of the machine. This translates into greater profitability and, in turn, into an improvement for the company.

That said, there are various types of maintenance. Every type will depend on when they are carried out and the severity of the damage.


Preventative Maintenance. As its name indicates, this type of maintenance prevents any damage. It is done when there is no previous incident and is essentially the continuous monitoring of equipment and machines.

  • Changing of oil
  • Cleaning of spark plugs
  • Changing of air filters and fuel
  • Cleaning of machine
  • Greasing and oiling
  • Inspection of elements
  • Cleaning of carburetor
  • Checking the temperature level
  • Checking the vibration and noise levels
  • Checking the fluid levels

Corrective maintenance. This is done when a breakdown or systematic problem already exists. This type of maintenance is done for example when the gear stick, the air compressor or the engine is broken. In these cases, we would have to change the pistons, rings or other spare parts. Therefore, these tasks entail a greater effort and costs, as well as your machine being out of action for a few days during the repair.

In short, we can say that thanks to maintenance tasks can prevent future problems that entail a greater expense. Likewise, it is also a way to make the machinery safer for those operating it, as, thanks to these revisions, the safety levels of the machine are reinforced.

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